9 Days – Life Coaching Certification and Accreditation

November 4, 2017 @ 8:00 am – November 12, 2017 @ 5:00 pm

9 Days – Life Coaching Certification & Accreditation

At Let’s-Live Coaching our passion for people is evident in the way we perpetually nurture and deliberately drive people to excel, and become a source of inspiration for others.

Our Life Coaching Certification Courses consist of a harmonious blend of Modern Science, Quantum Physics, NLP, Neuro-Science, Self-Development, Personal- Development, and the latest breakthroughs in Applied Psychology.

We drive performance, enhance personal well-being, and introduce individuals to the blazing power they can wield in every sphere of their lives.

What will you gain from attending our life coaching courses?

  1. We offer the most comprehensive and holistic Life Coaching Courses in the world.
  2. Our Life Coaching Courses are nationality and internationally accredited.
  3. Our Life Coaches benefit tremendously from our corporate clientele and corporate endeavours.
  4. We offer an entire life coaching career path with the scope to buy a Let’s-Live Coaching franchise

What about Let’s-Live Coaching Accreditation?

All the life coaching certification and life coaching accreditation courses from Let’s-Live are recognized, as they are ALIGNED to the guidelines set by the industry’s four most reputed organizations:

Comensa Logo CI-39                                                                        firewalking

COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors of South Africa)               FIT ( Fire-Walking Institute of Research and Education)

ICR                                                                                    NLP Global Standards

ICR (International Coach Register)                                           NLP Global Standards (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

How do you become a Life Coach?

When we give you the title of a life coach, we take you beyond academic achievements, certificates and diplomas.

When we make someone a life coach, we ensure that the person is well trained and equipped to bring lasting and effective change in others.

The title of a life coach is one of great responsibility and comes with its own code of ethics and conduct.

A life coach is a person who promotes growth, healing, WEALTH, personal development and change.

All coaches who intend to become life coaches and want to enrol into the 9 Days Life Coaching Certification process, have to complete our Self-Discovery Master 1 and Self-Discovery Master 2 courses first.

What will you receive when you decide to become a life coach through Let’s-Live Coaching?

Six Let’s-Live Coaching Training Manuals

  1. Life Coaching – Training Manual
  2. Self-Discovery Master 1 – Life Coaching Manual
  3. Self-Discovery Master 2 – Life Coaching Manual
  4. Hypnotherapist Practitioners – Training Manual
  5. Time Quintessence Practitioners – Training Manual
  6. NLP Neuro-Linguist Programing Practitioners Manual

You will also receive your international standard Life Coaching and (NLP) Neuro Linguistic Programing Practitioners Theoretical Exams  for your open book test  (and remember you have to score 86% to pass)

You will also receive a Let’s-Live Life Coaching training gift bag.

Let’s-Live Coaching Gift Bag:

  1. Let’s-Live Exam Pads
  2. Let’s-Live Highlighter
  3. Let’s-Live Coffee Mug
  4. Let’s-Live Big Note Book
  5. Let’s-Live Ball Point Pens
  6. Let’s-Live Coaching Jacket
  7. Let’s-Live Small Note Book

On completion of the Life Coaching Certification and Accreditation Life Coaching Courses you will also receive 7 internationally Accredited Certificates.

Coaching Certificates:

  1. Certified Life Coach
  2. Certified NLP Coach
  3. Certified NLP Practitioner
  4. Time Line Healing Practitioner
  5. Certified Hypnotherapist Practitioner
  6. Certified Quantum Linguistic Practitioner
  7. Certified Time Quintessence Practitioner

Price: R30 000 Duration: (9 Days) Everyday @ 08:00 am – 17:00 pm Inclusive Food and Beverages: Coffee, Tea, Fruit Juice, Ice Cold Water, Lunch and Light Snacks

For more information contact our friendly staff at:

Founder/Owner and Author of Let’s-Live Coaching

Office Manager

  • Deserey Joubert
  • Voice: 012 665 1769 / 012 683 8836 Cell 076 033 4191
  • Email: deserey@letslivecoaching.com