Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching

 Do you feel that you have no control of your life, that your life is no longer moving in the direction you want? Have you lost sight of your life’s purpose? Do you fear the future and lack confidence to act today? Come to Let’s Live Coaching and we will help you identify your inner strengths, learn to rely on them and understand where you need to go in your life and how to get there.

Our Personal one to one coaching program conducted by an experienced and qualified Life Coach South Africa will help you gain a new insight about your inherent strengths. Our program will empower you so that you are motivated to set challenging new goals for yourself and exceed your own expectations while achieving them.

Understanding Yourself to Know your Strengths

 Understanding yourself is the very first and most critical step towards successful Self-development. This forms an integral and crucial part of our life coaching program. Our coaches will help you sift through unprocessed negative emotions, realize their negative impact upon your psyche and eliminate them. We will also help you identify negative emotional reflectors and feelings and teach you to transform your thought processes so that they do not recur. As you travel down this path, our coaches will constantly support your internal search for the purpose of your life and help you define your ultimate Life Goals.

Achieving Personal Breakthroughs Consistently

The success of a Personal-development/Personal Coaching program is measured by its ability to inspire an individual to consistently achieve personal breakthroughs in life. At Let’s Live Coaching, this is our primary objective. Through effective mentoring and focused Personal Breakthrough sessions, we help you through a journey of self discovery wherein you gain a deep and accurate insight into the factors that stand between you and your dreams. Our coaches empower you with the psychological, emotional and physical tools to overcome these road blocks. We also help you gain clarity in your mind and with your thoughts so that your pathway to success in life becomes clear.

 Re-invent Yourself with your Most Desired Qualities

Let’s Live Life Coaching helps you transform into the person you want to be. Our programs address deep seated identity issues and psychological challenges, enabling you to see who you are, what your true personality is like and what your strengths and positive attributes are. By focussing on these desirable qualities and your innate ability to become the person you want to be, we also help you overcome challenges like addictions and substance abuse that hinder your progress.

Let’s-Live Coaching Contact Details:

Chief Amazement Officer

Francois Janse van Rensburg

Voice: 012 665 1769 / 012 683 8836 Cell: 076 033 4191


Creator of Opportunities

Douw Kruger

Voice: 012 665 1769 / 012 683 8836 Cell 076 033 4191


Executive Dreams Fulfiller

Anton Janse van Rensburg

Voice: 012 665 7169 / 012 683 8836 Cell 079 500 5097


Francois Janse van Rensburg – Let’s-Live Master Coach – South Africa
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