How do I become a Master Coach

How do I become a Master Coach?

Become a Master Coach with Let’s-Live Coaching

After you have completed your basic level life coaching course that either lasts 9 days or 14 days, you can upgrade to the advanced level programs. Let’s-Live Coaching offers Master Coach Courses for those who want to learn and adopt practical tools and techniques that are advanced. The Master Coach Trainer program gives you a great opportunity to make your life coaching venture a success and enjoy a lucrative career. Apart from training sessions, you can also enjoy the benefits of ongoing on-line support as well as global marketing.

Receiving a Master Coach Trainer certification from Let’s-Live Coaching allows you to gain a deeper insight and understanding of human psychology as well as masterful techniques that can change and improve human behaviour. By becoming a master coach, you can help your clientèle to test their limits and push until they succeed. Advanced courses allow you to refine multiple aspects of life coaching and give you a unique platform to influence your expertise on your clients. Unlike life coaching beginners, you will be taught the best tools to inspire your clients and help them accomplish their goals, whether on a personal sphere or professional.

The 30-day Master Coach Training

The master level life coaching programs have been designed by Let’s-Live Coaching to perfect, polish and sharpen your coaching skills and help you confront and pacify any situation. Apart from picking up a number of new skills, you will also gain immense confidence in handling a number of cases. You can gain your Master Coach certificate in a number of spheres including the Executive Master Coach, Master Coach Trainer, Master Hypnotherapist Instructor, Master NLP Trainer, Performance Manager as well as Proactive Business Leader. With this certification, you can continue your life coaching services on an executive level.

After you complete the thirty day Master Coach training program, you can easily master a number of skills and apply yourself as a decisive and clear minded leader. This course gives you international credibility as a life coach and allows you to work with the best and biggest corporations in the world. Master Coach training sessions at Let’s-Live Coaching are effective as they are affiliated with important ethical bodies including Federation of NLP Coaching Professionals (FNLCP), Global Federation for Spiritual Mentors and Coaching Professionals (GFSMCP) and Coaches and Mentors of South Africa (COMENSA).

Master Coach in Human Lie Detection

Let’s-Live Coaching also offers an advanced level training program in lie detection that covers a number of subjects like language precision, body language, as well as the science of deception. Being one of the most popular advanced level courses, this program allows life coaches and business professionals to become experts in deception leakage and detect irregularities and lies.

Allowing you to detect lies at the workplace, home or any social situation, this skill is handy and often valuable to organizations. The course covers everything from basic human behavior, reading and detecting lies, non-verbal communication, microexpression, body language, eye patterns, NLP language precision, silent language, mind games etc.

The course also covers a number of other topics like FACS (Facial Action Coding System), psychological profiling, becoming an expert at detecting lies, and advanced psychological techniques to extract the trust, sequence primers as well as the art of gathering accurate information from conversations.

The course is based on the studies of experts in the field. The Master Coach program for Lie Detection borrows from the works of Milton H. Erikson, Dr Paul Ekman, Malcolm T. Gladwell, William S. Condon, Dr Richard Bandler, Dr Julie Schwartz, Francois Janse van Rensburg, Dr John Mordecai Gottman and John Grinder.

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