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Let’s-Live Coaching Certification Process

Certification courses as well as training at Let’s-Live Coaching are centered on individual uniqueness, integrity, understanding and wisdom. Regardless of the life coaching course, every program is approached with compassion, faith and love, allowing you to be seen as a unique and authentic design. All programs and teaching techniques adopted for life coaching certification are geared towards informing and inspiring the student while allowing them to consider all possibilities. These training courses are meant to target the spiritual aspect of the mind rather than just the intellectual or academic one.

The courses are smartly designed to encourage new dimensions of thought and expression that allows life coaches to master their own subjects. By encouraging them find their inner core as well as spirit, Let’s-Live Coaching equips its student with the ability to empathize and provide solutions. The courses also include a number of personal development, self development, and life coaching techniques from all over the world.

It is interesting to note that once you have received your certificate in life coaching programs, you can practice anywhere in the world. After gaining practical experience, Let’s-Live Coaching allows you to setup shop regardless of where you are or even coach online.

Course material and inspirations

Let’s-Live Coaching offers a number of life coaching certifications that range from Junior Life Coach, Life Coach, Master Coach as well as Master Coach Trainer. Many professionals that approach Let’s-Live Coaching choose business oriented coaching while a select others choose the path of self-discovery. An expert in the field of human behavior science and modification, Let’s-Live Coaching covers a number of subjects in the certification training course.

These topics include everything from self-discovery, self-help, personal development, psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, neuroscience, positive thinking, microexpression analysis, business coaching, mentoring, counseling, relationships, human behavior modification and science, time line healing, quantum physics, healing, hypnosis as well as innovative techniques for life coaching.

Closely following the teachings and principles of a number of experts, Let’s-Live Coaching uses the world of individuals like Wyatt Woodsmall, Clare Graves, Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, John Kehoe, Robin Sharma, Jonah Lethrer, Tad James etc.

The life coaching certification process

Unlike most other professional titles, the title of life coach is not bound by academic achievements, diplomas or certificates. Instead, this career path has more to do with your training and ability to deal with different and unique persons. As a life coach, you will be trained and equipped to bring about lasting change in your clients and help them overcome obstacles. With the certification course in life coaching, you can shoulder the responsibility of helping another individual grow while ensuring that you follow special code of ethics and conduct.

At Let’s-Live Coaching, a life coach is someone who can promote healing, growth, change, wealth, health as well as personal development. You can choose from a number of life coaching courses that last from a nine day practical program to a year-long coaching courses. During the program, participants receive coaching kits, training manuals, and study material to assist them during training as well as open book tests. At the end of the course, students can choose to specialize in various aspects of life coaching. Let’s-Live Coaching offers coaching certificates to students in categories like life coach, Hypnotherapist Practitioner, NLP Coach, Quantum Linguistic Practitioner, NLP Practitioner, Time Line Healing Practitioner as well as Time Quintessence Techniques.

Let’s-Live Coaching also offers a number of two-day certification courses like Self Discovery Master 1, Self Discovery Master 2. Along with the standard 9-day life coaching certification course, you can also opt for the 14-day master coach training provided you have already been certified with basic-level programs. Let’s-Live Coaching also offers an exciting single day certificate course in lie detection.

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