Is It Possible to Become A Human Lie Detector?

Is It Possible to Become A Human Lie Detector?

In the past, people have often resorted to polygraph tests to ascertain whether an individual is telling the truth or not. Recently however, a number of new disciplines have developed that enable individuals to detect lies without the help of any device. Professionals have developed a number of techniques that have proven to be extremely successful in uncovering withheld information, and spotting lies.

Over the course of the last few years, businesses and other organizations have also looked to hire and train executives in the art of lie detection and deception. In many businesses, keeping information secure and confidential is of the highest priority. Some companies can stand to lose their entire reputation if they suffer information leaks. As such, they require professionals who are capable of profiling individuals based on their behaviour and language, and determining whether subjects are lying or not.

Become a Human Lie Detector

Let’s-Live offers a number of courses designed to train individuals in lie detection. Whether used for professional purposes or otherwise, our courses are based on the research of numerous acclaimed figures, most notably Dr. Paul Ekman and Dr. Richard Bandler. Our ‘Become a Human Lie Detector’ course is a six-stage program that is comprehensive in its approach towards lie detection and interrogation.

Stage 1

The first stage of the process deals with the techniques used to identify a lie. Individuals will learn the importance of body language and eye movement, along with other aspects like inter-personal relations. Individuals will also learn to interpret consistencies and contradictions in facial expressions and emotions.

Stage 2

The second stage of the course deals with the use of language in coercing the truth from an individual. Individuals will learn the value of structuring statements and questions in unassuming ways to urge the subject into revealing valuable information. These techniques are not only used to encourage the subject to divulge information but also to develop a rapport between the subject and the individual.

Stage 3

Individuals will be introduced to a number of interrogatory techniques in stage three of the course. These techniques are used to force the subject into a particular state of mind. Some techniques may attempt to make the subject relaxed, while others may attempt to confuse or infuriate him/her. These techniques aim to frame a particular incident or scenario in ways that provoke a reaction in the subject.

Stage 4

Individuals will be educated in the importance of mind games in extracting the truth from people in the fourth stage. These techniques are aimed toward describing situations in particular ways in order to coax seemingly harmless responses with underlying meanings. Lie detectors often use this in order to profile an individual or to confirm an incident or intention indirectly.

Stage 6

The fifth stage of the course deals with more advanced techniques of interrogation that aim to develop an inter-personal relationship in a particular direction without being overt. Individuals will learn how to tilt the balance of power in their favours without their subjects consciously realizing it. In doing so, subjects can be encouraged to divulge information they may not have, previously.

Stage 7

The final stage of the course deals with further communicative strategies used to induce a particular emotion, state of mind, or thought within an individual’s mind. Lie detectors often use a number of techniques that play on the subconscious mind, to produce revealing behaviour in their subjects.

The Let’s-Live course covers a number of disciplines and practices including but not limited to micro-expression science, neuro-linguistic programming, hypnosis, and linguistics. Upon completion of the course, individuals will be able to successfully detect lies and create accurate psychological profiles.

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