It takes courage….to endure the sharp pains of self-discovery rather than choosing to take the dull pain of unconsciousness that would last the rest of our lives.

The aim of the 3 Day Self-Discovery Master 2 –Life Coaching Course helps people break free from negativity, improve their lives and grow personally and professionally.

The course inspires an overall improvement in the quality of life, self-respect, self-confidence, communication skills,   professional and life and work balance.

Next Available Dates and Courses:

  • 17 to 19 January 2020
  • 21 to 23 February 2020
  • 4 to 6 March 2020
  • 17 to 19 April 2020
  • 15  to 17 May 2020
  • 26 to 28 June 2020
  • 28 to 30 August

Course price:

 Standard price per person: R7 500

  • Early Bird Discount Option 1 (when register and pay 90 days in advance):  R 2 450
  • Early Bird Discount Option 2  (when register and pay 60 days in advance):   R 2 950
  • Early Bird Discount Option 3  (when register and pay 60 days in advance):   R 3 500

The Self-Discovery Master 2 – Life Coaching Course

Carl Jung, the great psychoanalyst once said, that unless we make the unconscious conscious, it will continue to direct our lives and we will say it is fate. The aim of our Self Discovery Master 2 – Life Coaching Course is to put individuals in touch with their inner-self so that they may live their lives on their own terms.

An individual can do it himself, but how many people actually can find their true selves? If they manage to do it, it might take years of discipline, introspection and meditation.

We have collected centuries of knowledge and information into an easy to understand three-day course. This unique course is designed to give individuals power over their mind, which will help them to come out on top, both in their professional and personal lives.

The Self Discovery Master 2 Life Coaching  Course is precise in the content and assists people to liberate themselves from mental clutter and enable them to make new and better choices.

Each of the three days in the program delivers practical and creative exercises to sharpen the mind and accelerate understanding and learning capacity.

Here is the essence of the Self-Discovery Master 2 Course.

The Let’s-Live Self-Discovery Master 2 – Life Coaching course is a broad study in human behaviour modification and science. This course reflects wholeness and awakens influential and strong self-esteem! It unlocks a full measure of possibilities from within.

The Self-Discovery Master 2 – Life Coaching course is designed to create a zeal for life, it mirrors fullness and perfection. Each session inspires growth and strengthens positive emotions. The lessons learned during this course, empower individuals to prevail on a personal and professional level.

Every program is designed with great precision to assist people to rise to new levels of choice and liberty. Each day is filled with creative and practical exercises that sharpen the mind and accelerate learning capacity and understanding. Each exercise develops rich and powerful social and communication skills.

The 3 Day Life Coaching course is designed to assist people in:

Self-development Personal-development Life- balance
Improve  Self-image Set – Personal development goals Improve – health
Improve  Self-esteem Improve – Personal development skills Improve – wealth
Improve  Self-awareness Re-design – Personal development plan Improve – life Skills
Improve  Self-knowledge Revise – Personal and spiritual development Improve – social health
Improve  Self-motivation Improve –  personal development programme Improve – mental health
Improve  Self-confidence Obtain effective – Personal development tools Improve – family relations
Improve  Self-development Accelerate – Personal growth and development Improve – quality of lifestyle
Improve  Self-understanding Re-define – Personal development benchmarks Improve –  personal autonomy

This course includes some of the worlds most sought after Life Coaching concepts and materials. The Self-Discovery Master 2- Life Coaching Course includes many practical activities that support human development in a personal and professional environment.

This course is not limited to self- and personal growth but includes formal and informal activities for developing others into a role such as a mentor, life coach, counsellor, teacher and manager – to name but a few.

This revolutionary course includes pioneering work in:

NLP Neuro – Linguistic Programming  Neuroscience and Let’s-Live Coaching Techniques
What is NLP What is Neuroscience
Foundation work in NLP Foundation work in Neuroscience
NLP S.M.A.R.T goal setting Fundamental understandings in Neuroscience
NLP communication model How to create instant change on a deep neurological level
NLP eye patterns and coding The effect of words (language) on our Neuro-net and health
How to elicit a strategy using NLP Fundamental understandings in quantum physics and health
NLP internal representations tests How we learn and the power of beliefs on our Neuro-pathway
NLP internal process and focus filters The effect of movies and television on our Neuro-net and health
NLP rapport –  matching and mirroring The magnificent influence of music on our health and Neuro-pathway
Introduction in NLP coaching methods The power and effect of colours and emotions on our neuron pathway

This ground-breaking course also includes an in-depth study in; positive thinking, the power of the mind, positive words, positive affirmations, positive self-talk, psychology and life.

This course also includes a methodical study in:

Emotions Internal Systems
What are emotions Your Amygdala
improve emotional health Your Conscious mind
Increase emotional competence You Unconscious / Subconscious mind
Understanding emotional literacy Your Psyco-Cybernetic System  (P.C.M)
Accelerate emotional development Your Reticular Activation System (R.A.S)
Improve emotional freedom techniques Prime directives of the unconscious mind

We will conclude this course with an existing “NLP modelling of Excellence” event. This life-changing event is a metaphor that illustrates the powerful concept of how a person can reach beyond the mere reflection and limitations of his own mind.


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