What is a Mentor?

What is a Mentor?

There is a reason why mentors are so sought after in the corporate world. Be it in the entertainment, sports or financial industries, everyone values a good mentor to help them navigate through life. Everybody needs a guide to help them make the right decisions and to learn from the wrong ones. No man is an island and everybody needs somebody to help them understand themselves, their lives and their decisions and to help them through tough times. This is why having a mentor can be highly beneficial for you and we have some of the best mentors with years of experience in the field.

Understanding the role of a mentor

Therapist, mentor, counsellor, life coach, guide – all these terms can be very confusing. A mentor is not a therapist who will sit with you and listen to your problems for a fee. A mentor is a balanced, optimistic and eager person who will guide and help you on the path of self discovery, spiritual awakening and personal growth.

Just like a cherished friend, a mentor guides and supports people to help them improve their quality of life and to reach self-fulfilment and happiness. However, a mentor is not going to coddle you and will be harsh sometimes without being discouraging. The concept of a mentor-mentee relationship has existed since the ancient Greeks. A wiser, older and more experienced person would take younger people into their wings to teach them all the essential life skills.

Our mentors do not spoon-feed mentees. We make sure that mentors are there to support mentees, especially when they face failures in life. Mentors will help them learn from their mistakes and rise up stronger instead of being depressed.

Why you need a mentor

You will be assigned one of our mentors to help you bring a positive change in your life. Your mentor will make sure you don’t feel cut off and lonely and will help you improve your professional and personal life by transforming your view and approach to life. People need mentors when they are making difficult decisions in their lives. Our mentors help clients:

  • Through tough decision making processes
  • Deal with troubling situations and events
  • Set goals and priorities in life
  • Create action plans to achieve their goals
  • Monitor their personal growth
  • Learn and implement time management techniques
  • Reduce stress and increase productivity
  • Regain control of their professional and personal lives
  • Improve personal and professional relationships
  • Attain a balance between family and work life
  • Cope with stressful times and disappointments
  • Identify their strengths and eliminate negative thought processes

With advanced scientific techniques like NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), our mentors equip their mentees with the tools required to deal with life even when the mentors are not around. Our mentors want their mentees to be independent, hard working and strong and they work hard at keeping mentees motivated and driven. At the end of the day, our mentors help clients improve their mental, emotional and physical health.

Who needs a mentor?

Everyone will benefit from the services of our mentors. Regardless of social status, financial status or educational qualifications, everyone can attain optimism in their lives with the help of a mentor. On the other hand, people who have severe emotional and mental problems need a therapist and not a mentor. Our clients come from all walks of life, seeking to become more successful and self-motivated. Professionals making a big career move, entrepreneurs looking to expand their businesses, individuals undergoing big changes in their personal lives have come to our mentors for help and guidance. With the support of a good mentor, anyone can succeed.

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