What is the Life Coaching Accreditation Process?

What is the Life Coaching Accreditation Process ?

Is accreditation important for life coaches? This is the quintessential question that many life coaches want to know the answer for. If you ask people in the industry, you might receive many confusing answers. Some people will say it is necessary, while others will say no. You will also find many opinions on the internet. So what is the right answer and why is it so important to know?

Many life coaching institutions are accredited to one or many industry bodies. For example, Let’s-Live is accredited to three bodies-COMENSA, NLPCP and GFSMCP. Life coaches can also gain accreditation.

What is accreditation?

Accreditation is process and a status at the same time. When it is a status, it is a public notification that a program or an institution meets the quality standards that the accrediting agency has set forth. When you see it as a process, it’s a reflection of the fact that after gaining the accreditation, the program or the institution has committed itself to self study and peer review, not only for meeting standards, but also to continuously find ways to enhance the training provided and the education quality.

When a student enrols in an accredited program, he is assured that the program is dedicated to continuous review and quality improvement. It also signifies that the program meets endorsed standards and has accountability.

When life coaching had just begun, there was not a lot of competition around and accreditation was not so important. But when the industry and the competition picked up it became more intense, and accreditation has become important for success. But you have to be careful when you choose an institution. There are many schools which use their accreditation to market their offerings. While there is nothing unethical about using an accreditation for marketing, prospective students are advised to consider the school’s reputation and how well it would fit their needs too.

Why is accreditation important for a life coach?

People can become life coaches without accreditation also. Some clients are not worried about what certifications you hang on your wall, but there are some for whom it is important and these people will ask for your credentials before agreeing to use your services. It is here that an accreditation becomes important. It could be the fine line that decides whether you get that new client, or you lose them to a competitor. The life coaching industry has become very competitive and more and more life coaches are joining the ranks every year. An accreditation can give you the edge you need to gain more clients.

Though coaching success is not dependent on accreditation, it does make a difference. But the most important factor that will determine your success as a life coach is you yourself. Your knowledge, intuition, dedication and coaching skills will ultimately be responsible for bringing clients to you. Are you able to coach effectively? Are you helping your clients fulfil their dreams and goals? Are you giving them their money’s worth? Are you able to show your clients that you really care about them and are able to help them with your knowledge? Will they come back for more and will they pass on the message to their family, associates and friends, about you? These are some of the questions to which clients would want answers before they take your services.

Yes, accreditation for life coaches is important and can contribute to success. It is a good idea to enrol in an accredited life coaching institution. But note that it will not make you a good desired coach, or bring you respect. You will only become trained as a coach. To gain respect, to become desired and good at what you do, you will have to perform. When your clients succeed, you will succeed.

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